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    Future of EJBs

    Joshua Eckerman Newbie

      Hi everyone, I'm a new user to JBoss. I've been using Tomcat for the last four years.

      What is the future of EJBs? I don't see as many new projects using them anymore. At my former and current company, we've always used standard java beans and the Spring Framework.

      A lot of the advantages EJBs offer, I see frameworks offering now. And when I ask what their primary function is, people say "for distributed apps and transactional capabilities".

      Can a few people give me some insight as to different situations where you really need to use them?

      Thanks everyone, glad to be aboard.


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          darren hartford Expert

          Outside of technical, from a business standpoint it is strictly working with a standard.

          You can find training for EJB/J2EE (plug Jboss Inc's own training here). Can you for the other frameworks?

          The availability of experienced skilled people for EJB/J2EE is much higher than the other frameworks. Along the same lines, you can get certification in EJB/J2EE that you can not with other frameworks (if you consider certification of value).

          And future itself...well, if you have a mass-market usage such as EJB/J2EE, it's future is pretty stable. The other frameworks I'm not so familiar with their 'mass-market' and future stability.

          anyway, that's two coppers to the pot.

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            Joshua Eckerman Newbie

            I'm not doubting JBoss or EJBs market penetration, they are well respected through-out the industry. I was looking for the reality of the need for EJBs, as most frameworks offer features that "seem" to make EJBs obsolete.

            Now where I say seem, I'm wanting to know what problems and/or design do you hit, where you see no other option but to use EJBs?


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              Scott Stark Master

              EJB3 makes the existing heavy weight and non-standard lightweight mechanisms obsolete as it focuses on a pojo based model. Its the direction jboss has been moving for over a year now.