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    RMI over HTTP - container configuration

    boris3 Newbie


      We are trying to deploy our beans such that communication between the EJB client and the EJB server would happen using http transport, instead of rmi.

      We started with a fully working system configured for rmi, and then tried to follow the article at


      The problem that we have is with this jboss-container.xml:

      <container-configuration extends="Standard Stateful SessionBean">
      <container-name>HTTP Session</container-name>

      The resulting jboss.xml does not validate against the DTD; we looked at the DTD and there is no mention of a "home-invoker" or "bean-invoker"; nor do I see anything in the DTD which would look relevant to invoker type.

      So my question is: where do I read about configuring the container to use HTTP as the transport for RMI?