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    Application Re-Deployment Problems

    tim.richardson Newbie

      I am running JBoss 3.2.3 on Linux. I have stated things in general here, but can get more specific if need be. Here goes:

      1. I have my application deployed in app1.ear. In addition to EJBs, I have several POJOs that are used by the application.

      2. I have a thirdparty application deployed in app2.ear.

      3. My application receives a request through a servlet that calls a method on an SSB.

      4. The SSB (among other tasks) performs a JDNI lookup for an SSB in the thirdparty application and executes a method on it.

      5. The thirdparty SSB method takes one of the POJOs defined for my application and does something meaningful with it.

      From a fresh start, everything works fine. However, if I re-deploy my application and try to call the servlet, the third party application generates the following error:

      InvaidArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class

      This happens everytime time I re-deploy. If I bounce JBoss, everything works fine. If I do not call the servlet and re-deploy, it works. Once I call the servlet - I can no loger re-deploy.

      I have tracked the problem down to my POJO. It seems that the third party application cannot use it after the re-deployment. Anyone have any similiar problems or have any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance,