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    Migration of Websphere 5.0 EJB project to JBoss 4.0


      We have a project done using Websphere Studio 5.1 which runs on WAS 5.0. The project consists of about 50 entity beans and 5 session beans.

      We would like to take this project and migrate it to run on the 4.0 version of JBoss. The ejb-jar.xml file is complete and correct. Now we are faced with the rather tedious task of adding hundreds of tags to all the source java files so we can run XDoclet to create all the JBoss descriptors.

      What is the best way of approaching migration of an IBM Websphere project to JBoss 4.0? Is there a way to run XDoclet in reverse to annotate all of our source files? Also, is there a way of, given a DDL file which creates all the DB tables, to create the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file?

      Many thanks,