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    ejb not bound

    lakshmimal Newbie

      hello all,

      I have created an EJB and deployed it under Jboss. However when I execute it, it gives me the error EJB not bound. What could be the reason for the same ?

      When I try to go to the jmx-console to see whether the EJB is deployed or not, it says "Page cannot be dispalyed "...?

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          If you get an error saying ejb not bound it means that it is not bound.

          If you are getting errors running the JMX Console you have not installed JBoss properly, you need to sort this out before trying to deploy your component.

          What folder have you installed JBoss into?
          What folder have you installed the JDK into?
          What is the JAVA_HOME environment variable set to?
          What is your JDK version?
          What is your JBoss version?

          Are there any errors being reported on the console on startup? If you are seeing errors post the error and associated stack trace.
          What URL are you using to acess the jmx console?