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    ejbSelect method doubt..plz help

    alexanderpetrous Newbie

      Dear All,

      I get the following error: the details are given below!

      Unknown query: public abstract java.util.Collection com.sextanttech.entities.implementations.UserBean.ejbSelectUsers(int,int,int) throws javax.ejb.FinderException

      The relevant part of my ejb-jar.xml file

      SELECT user.userName
      FROM UserTable user
      WHERE user.flag1 = ?1
      AND user.flag2 = ?2
      AND user.flag3 = ?3]]>

      The relevant part of my entity bean class:

      public Collection getselectedusers() throws FinderException // this is my business method impl.

      Collection cc = this.ejbSelectUsers(1,1,1);
      return cc;

      public abstract Collection ejbSelectUsers( int flag1,int flag2,int flag3 ) throws FinderException;

      Thanks in advance!