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    EJbspec violation error while deploying entity bean - please

    Ami Desai Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm trying to resolve this error from past 5 days and so far no luck. Error is as folllow:

      14:04:51,176 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : telParms
      Method : public abstract TelParms findByPrimaryKey(TelParmsPK) throws RemoteExce
      ption, FinderException
      Section: 12.2.9
      Warning: The method return types defined in an Entity beans home interface MUST
      be legal types for RMI/IIOP.

      I get this error in all the method of this bean which returns the remote interface. Check and double check the remote class and it extends "EJBObject" only.

      Did any of you have face the similar problems? Please help...