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    Handling Timer Service

    Keertikar Pandey Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have implemented the EJBTimer service with Jboss4.0 . EJB Timer Specification says that when a timer is created the Timer Service automatically makes it persistent in some type of secondary storage, so it will survive system failures. If the server goes down, the timers will still be active when it comes back up again.
      I have started the Timer and after its first call to TimeOut Method i have restarted the Jboss again. According to Specs app server must restart the execution of ejbTimeout on next timeout. But its not working.
      I need to know how Jboss4.0 handles this process.

      All suggestions are welcome

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          Scott Stark Master

          A shutdown of the server undeploys the ejbs and removes the timers. Only if the server would crash would there be persisted timers that would be picked up on restart. There needs to be a feature added that allows undeployment to treat persisted timers as entities that exist beyond the lifetime of the ejb deployment.