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    JBOSS 3.2 does not refresh changes in EJB

    Sergio Newbie

      Hello, I am using Jboss 3.2.2 jdk 1.4.5 on a windows XP machine
      the problem is that I created an ejb that gets user details from a database and returns them to a jsp, and it works great, but the problem is that when I change something in the ejb and redeploy it, the ejb still functions as the originall one, I have commented out a lot in the ejb including the connection to my database to a non-existent one and still the ejb is able to connect and retrieve records.
      I also created a regular class in the ejb package, that calls the ejb so I woulnd't have to do this in the jsp, and if I change something in the class I have to restart the server in order to see the changes.
      I have search the server for a copy of my ejb, but nothing exists, I am really stumped.

      Please if anyone can help me figure what the problem is, I would really appreciate it.