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    Client access before server running

    Kari Kesänen Newbie

      I have a problem that clients can access jboss and my application before server is really running and my application is fully deployd.

      I deploy whole application in one ear file. Ear contains 15 ejbs, 2 mbeans and 7 JMS topics and queues (sar files are inside ear). Just after my message driven beans and JMS topics are deployd clients can send messages to beans. Even if the whole ear is not deployd yet. This is not working in my application because mbeans are not started yet. Mbeans are used as a cache for certain things and application cannot work withot those.

      Is there any way to prevent all client access before server is fully runnig? Ordering deployment would be some kind of solution but I think it is not possible to define deployment order without using Prefix based deploymentscanner.

      I am using Jboss 3.2.5