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    Timer Service Configuration

    Keertikar Pandey Newbie

      Hi all,

      EjbTimerService in 2.1 says that Timers are persistent. If the server is shut down (or even crashes), timers are saved and will become active again when the server is restarted. If a timer expires while the server is down, the container will call ejbTimeout when the server is restarted.
      I need to know that what feature we are supposed to add in order to allow undeployment to treat persisted timers as entities that exist beyond the lifetime of the ejb deployment.
      I could not find any article for same. Please tell me, where i can get the documentation in details about how Jboss handles the Timer services especially when such condition occurs.
      I need to no, how to configure the timer service in Jboss4.0, so that it can handle the active timer while it goes down.
      Welcome All suggestions