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    strange deployment oddity

    bruciadmin Newbie

      Hi People,

      I have a strange issue happening currently in my deployment. I've been given the task to perform some "in-container" tests of a message driven bean on our server. I'll just clarify that by in container, I mean that client requests to the MDB must come from inside the container. Originally these test were required to ensure that JBoss could handle JMS well but now it's moved more onto questions of the beans stability.

      In order to test this, I decided to create a new EAR file which would lookup the queue and make requests to it.

      The oddity isn't really anything to do with MDB's, the problem I am facing is that for some reason, the code executing in the message bean has problems when I've deployed my test EAR file to the server. The problems I have are kind of hard to pin down whilst remaining pretty black box about the component I have been set to test. One thing which does seem to fix it however, and as strange as this is, is to remove the test EAR from a running JBoss and put it back in, restart, and everything works as normal.

      My only explanation is that the ordering of classes loaded in the EARs is causing a conflict, this could be because they contain some common JAR files from our project. So, my question to you readers out there are what could be some likely causes...
      - static variables (they're a big no no, and i'm pretty sure the code i'm testing uses them to excess without understanding the implications)
      - ???

      Any hints would be grateful,