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    NoSuchMethodError - clueless!!

    Jason Sam Newbie


      Though this issue has been discussed few times, following those threads did not yield any answer to the problem I have.

      I am using JDeveloper and JBoss 4.0.1RC1 with JDK 1.5. I created a session bean with one remote method and successfully deployed in JBoss. I also managed to have a client calling this remote method. The idea is to slowly add more remote methods and test them one by one.

      The problem started to occur as soon as added a second remote method. Trying to call this method raises the NoSuchMethodError exception. I checked the signatures of this method declaration in the EJB class and in the client and I cannot see anthing wrong with this method. I also inspected the contents of the JAR file and all seems to be ok. I re-deployed, deployed, started, stopped the server number of times and the problem still occusrs. This really hurts my progress of adding more methods, etc..

      Please someone point me out into any other potential issues that may make this happen.

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