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    is "yl_account" a reservered word in jboss-4.0.0

    Tony Leoville Newbie

      I wrote a bean called "yl_account". It seems that Jboss thinks this name as a special word. Here is what happened.

      Jboss deploys yl_account bean ok at the start up time. But if I redeploy this bean after jboss starts and is ready. Then
      I got the following error message.

      Bean : yl_account
      Method : public abstract yl_account create() throws RemoteException, CreateExcep
      Section: 12.2.9
      Warning: The return type for a create(...) method must be the entity bean's remo
      te interface type.

      23:55:01,765 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : yl_account
      Method : public abstract yl_account findByPrimaryKey(Integer) throws RemoteExcep
      tion, FinderException

      But when I changed the name yl_account to yk_account. Then everything works fine again. And I can depoly it before or after jboss starts.

      I changed to other names too. They are yl_account2, yl_account_cd, ylaccount, yl_cd, ab_cd.
      All of them works fine. Seems to me jboss has a special taste for the word "yl_account".

      It seems that jboss can not find where the inerface "yl_account" is???

      any help???