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    Delay problem in my Jboss

    Derick Newbie


      I`m running my web app, using struts, tiles, 5 entity beans, 5 session beans. it`s running on windows 2000 server (dual zeon 3ghz).

      The app server is running very fast, but i get a problem every now and then that my web page takes longer to build, if i go to the server(remotely) and press enter in the jboss window, jboss sundenly responds and or gets the data, or build the page.

      I dont have any errors or strange stuff hapenning, this also is the case on my development pc.

      My database is on the AS/400 DB2, so i`m making a connection to there...but i cant see that this is a problem at all. All my beans are container managed.

      Please if anyone might know what the problem is??