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    Unexpected problem

    Hussein Baghdadi Novice

      Hi all.
      I have a J2EE application, consists of some entity beans, session beans and JSPs.
      I have deployed this application into JBoss and I don't have any problems.
      I added some entries to the database using entity beans.
      then, I tried to deploy this application to J2EE RI 1.4 (SJSAS 8.0).
      now the application is running on RI 1.4 , I search for some values that I have entered previously in JBoss and I got the expected results without any problems.
      then I treid to add some recoreds to the database while the application on RI 1.4 using my
      entity beans, no problems here.
      I shut down the RI 1.4 and run JBoss.
      I want to search for the entity bean that has been added in RI 1.4 but I got the following
      exception :

      org.jboss.tm.JBossTransactionRolledbackException: Entity not found: primaryKey=;
      CausedByException is:
      Entity not found: primaryKey=; nested exception is:
      javax.ejb.NoSuchObjectLocalException: Entity not found: primaryKey=; - nested throwable:
      (javax.ejb.NoSuchObjectLocalException: Entity not found: primaryKey=)

      well, I am confused here, J2EE applications should be portable between J2EE servers but not
      in my case !
      RI 1.4 is able to search for entity beans that had been added in JBoss but not vise versa..
      some one shed some lights here ??