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    OutOfMemory error on multiple calls of one SlSB form another

    Gennady Evstratov Newbie

      I've got the following problem:

      I've got 2 Stateless Session Beans. One of them calls other's method for several (about 10, actually) times. On the fifth or sixth call jboss starts to use something like 35-40 megabytes of memory for call marshalling, and finally application crashes with java.lang.OutOfMemory.

      What can be done to avoid such an aggressive memory consumption?

      code is something like the following:

       .... we are in method of SLSB A....
      bSession = BSessionLocator.locate();
      Set somethings = new HashSet();
       Object something = Session.getSomething( ...some params... );
      .... some other code...

      BSessionLocator.locate() is a static method that gets BSession from JNDI

      I am using JBoss 4.0.0

      Thank you for your help.