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    Help with DAO

    S G Newbie

      I'm quite new to EJB in general and I have tried to follow the tutorial
      in http://www.tusc.com.au/tutorial/html/. But I couldn't get
      lomboz work, so I had to use JBoss-IDE. Not that there is anything
      wrong with it (Is there?).

      So I have been trying to apply it in JBoss-IDE.
      It doesn't work the same way as lomboz, so I have had some difficulties
      do the examples. The chapter one was quite easy, but now I'm working
      with chapter 2. It uses DAO to access the database. I don't really
      understant how to implement that in JBoss-IDE. In the turorial it uses
      the ejbGenerate.xml to create the class or whatever. So how should
      I create the interface/class?

      So my main question is: how create a DAO?