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    Multi-homed JBoss/RMI connection issues

    Nicholas George Newbie


      I'm running into troubles when using JBoss 3.2.6 on a multi-homed host. When you try to connect to the first configured interface, everything goes ok, but connecting to the second interface fails part of the way through the call to Context.lookup().

      Using Ethereal I can see that the connection is going ok until the Naming RMI object is sent from the server. The object contains the first interface of the server, and the client then proceeds to use that for all future communication with the server. This only works fine if the client has a valid route to the first interface.

      Looking at the implementation in org.jnp.server.Main, which I believe is the relevant server-side code, I can see that there appears to be only a single stub created that will be sent to all clients that connect, rather than specific stubs depending on the interface being connected to.

      Is there a way to make this work as expected and allow the server to accept connections from both interfaces?