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    Best practice for storing EJB Stateful reference in Servlet

    Enrique Fernández Corpa Newbie

      Hi everybody,
      I'm new to Stateful EJB (I had allways worked with stateless), so when I started working with EJBSF I (wrongly) thought that every time you invoked "create" method, container was clever enough to give you the same EJB instance. Since, instead of that, a new instance is created, then I lose all the attributes stored in EJBSF. So I have some questions about this:

      1- I suppose I need to save a reference to EJBSF on client after having made ejbCreate(), but if client is a Servlet (I'm using an MVC approach) obviously I cannot save it as an attribute because Servlets are multithreaded. So which should be the best place to store this reference? Session object? Servlet context?

      2- If I save a reference to the object created, then which are the advantages of EJBSF? I could use EJBSL, do what I want invoking a bussines method, an then saving the results as well

      Thanks in advance