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    How Dynamic Proxy works...

    Yaakov Chaikin Newbie


      I was reading about JBoss does not require the developer to ejbc the EJBs and deploy the client with the compiled stub in the classpath.

      1) Is my understand correct?

      2) I understand that this is called dynamic proxy. How exactly does this work? The client HAS TO have the stub in the end somehow. How does the client know to get it? There is no remote aware code in the client as is, I am not following how this works. Please explain.

      Thank you,

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          Anil Saldanha Master

          When your client goes to the JNDI to get a HOME object, you are given a smart proxy which will take care of Remote Invocation stuff. So you do not need precompiled stubs.

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            Yaakov Chaikin Newbie

            The JNDI will give you smart proxies? Are you trying to answer my question or give me more questions to ask?

            Could you explain this for me? I am only guessing when I ask: what if JNDI is not JBoss' JNDI, but a 3rth vendor? Or are you saying that JBoss' EJB container sticks those "smart proxies" onto the JNDI tree instead of the stubs?

            So, what are those smart proxies then? Some sort of generic stubs that take care of marshaling and unmarshaling for you, while passing the call to the EJB object?