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    invalid IIOP overloaded method names

    chris bono Newbie

      I think there is a bug in the way that jboss generates IIOP method names for remote interfaces w/ overloaded methods.

      I have the following ejb remote interface

      public interface ApplicationSession extends EJBObject {
      public Application getApplications(org.foo.ListFilter filter)...
      public Application getApplications(Integer[] keys)...

      rmic will generate the following valid IDL method names
      * getActiveApplications__org_foo_ListFilter
      * getActiveApplications__org_omg_boxedRMI_java_lang_seq1_Integer

      jboss has these method names in its method invoker map in org.jboss.proxy.ejb.EjbObjectCorbaServant
      * getActiveApplications__org_twia_util_ListFilter
      * getActiveApplications_

      Has anyone else seen this? If so has it been fixed in 4.0.x?


      * WindowsXP
      * Sun1.4.2_05
      * JBoss3.2.3
      * Janeva invoking JBoss via IIOP