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    Jboss/Hibernate accessed from Coldfusion

    Troy Harris Newbie

      Hi, I have JBoss 4.0.1RC1 sitting on one machine and ColdfusionMX7 sitting on another. I have a har deployed on Jboss as well as a session ejb to act as a DAO. Now all of these things work fine when I access the har or the DAO from a java client. I can access the DAOejb from a ColdFusion page, but when I use a getter to transport the persistance class

      student = DAOejb.getStudent()

      I get an internal server error and this is printed to the screen:


      This is very odd as it is causing an internal server error on coldfusion but there is no stack trace, ONLY what above is shown on the screen and in the erros logs, no other information is given. Does anyone have any idea why the name of this class would be printed to the screen, it seems like there is a problem transporting the student object from jboss to CFServer.