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    Access data from database of a recently CMP bean created

    Albert Aymerich Newbie


      In our application, we have this behaviour:

      1.-create a CMP entity bean and set their properties
      2.- access via DAO directly to the database to obtain the data bean recenty created
      (please, don't ask me why we are doing these things...I can't undestand either)

      but the question is

      with Jboss 3.2.3, we obtain the data of the CMP created bean with the DAO without problems. But with JBoss 3.2.6, the DAO access doesn't return any data.

      Before redoing to code, we are looking for changes in the configuration of jboss3.2.3 vs jboss 3.2.6 that could do this change of behaviour. Does anyone know something about this?
      Maybe it was a misfunction on jboss 3.2.3 solved on jboss 3.2.3+??

      Thx in advance