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    Classpath on JBOSS

    sandip samanta Newbie


      I am using JBOSS4.0.0 for a EBPP product hosting. As per my requirement I need to specify the classpath a particular sequence. Is there any particular way to specify the jars in a particular sequence?

      Below I am describing my problem in details...

      I have two jars say abc.jar and def.jar. Both have a common class say myclass.class with some unique methods. Now as per requirement I need def.jar to be searched before abc.jar.

      But If I put both the jars /lib folder, the abc.jar is searched for myclass.class earlier than def.jar. So the methods that are unique to myclass.class in def.jar are not found. But if def.jar can be searched earlier than abc.jar my problem will be solved. But (I think) Jboss searches for jar in the /lib folder alphabetically or according to their occurence.

      I've also tried to specify the classpath according to my requirement in run.bat. But it not working.

      Is there any possible suggestion to get out of this problem?

      Any help is very much appreciated.

      Thanks and regards