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    ReDeploying EJB == Servlet problems

    keith doyle Newbie

      Hi People,
      This may be a no-brainer for someone:
      I have two seperate projects One for my EJBs (bus. tier) and one for my servlets (pres. tier) . There are several reasons for this in our architecture, including:

      a. web and application server will be seperated so all requests will operate remotely (via a stateless session bean facade)

      b. we don't want every developer to access the business logic (ejbs) so an ear containing both ejbs and servlets is not possible.(we use xdoclet to produce the interfaces seperately)

      Everytime I redeploy my EJBs the following servlet code fails:

      quote: Object ref = context.lookup("java:/comp/env/ejb/PT");

      I then have to redeploy my servlets so that the lookup works. I'm using JBOSS jboss-3.2.3. I would have assumed that one benefit of j2ee is to be able to redeploy EJBs without affecting your presentation tier?
      Much thanks,