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    JBoss Hot Deployment Problem...

    anu katta Newbie

      Hi All,
      I need some help in fixing my project to work with the Jboss's hot deployment configuration.
      When I hotdeploy my .ear file onto Jboss server it says it is undeploying the .ear file and deploying it again. But I didn't see the changes in my client calls.
      Actually we are using EJBHandle objects to get the ejbs' but not the EJBRemote object to pass the ejbs from one app to another client app.
      I am not sure why they are using these EJBHandle instances. I joined newly in this team and am not sure of where exactly it is failed to do hot deploy in JBoss. What are the basic steps to check why it is failed to redeploy the .ear file and where and how do I fix this..
      Or If you suggest any article/discussion forums where I can get more information about which one to use and why?( EJBHandle or EJBRemote object.. )

      Thank you.