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    usertransaction disappears in stateful session bean

    Jesper Matthiesen Newbie

      I am using a stateful session bean with bean managed tx's to load some data into a database.. I use UserTransaction because I need to have a tx that spans multiple method calls on the session bean.

      In the first method called (beginSearchImport) a UserTransaction is started using Hibernate's JTATransaction, which works fine. The tx exists when the method exits..

      my problem is, that when i enter the next method, the UserTransaction status is "NO_TRANSACTION", which it shouldn't be, since I neither committed nor rolled back the tx. Somewhere between the two method calls the transaction gets lost somehow.. after a little timeout period, JBoss seems to pick up the lost transaction and rolls it back (event unrelated to my client calls to the bean)..

      So what happens to the UserTransaction???
      Just for the record, this works perfectly fine on Webpshere 5..

      any ideas?