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    Grapping PDFs from SessionBean

    Elm van Olm Newbie


      we have a xsl-processor (Stateless-SessionBean) to make xsl-xml transformations. The xsl-processor grapps the xsl-stylesheets via http (jetty).
      Here is the code-segment:
      URL url = new URL(xslStylesheetName);
      inXSL = url.openStream();

      Most of the time this works very well. But there are days where we get a java.net.SocketException: Unexpected end of file from server - Exception (although it's possibleto retrieve the file from jetty with a browser). After that exception the xslprocessor-bean could not grapp any file from jetty. Then we have to restart Jboss and everything is again OK???

      Please help
      thanx elm