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    EJB Classloader question

    Anthony Hong Newbie

      I use jboss4.0.1sp1 as application server.

      I deploy my j2ee ear with a manifest.mf file in meta-inf folder of EAR to tell server additional libary it depends.
      Class-Path: lib/jdom-b9.jar

      I have one ejb module and one web application module in this ear.

      When jboss start load ejb in this ear, error occured, a class can not be found, which is in jdom package.

      Then I tried to put this manifest file into ejb's meta-inf folder, it works.

      But I didn't do anything in my web app module. It still can find jdom.jar.

      I am curisous about ejb class loader. When it cann't find class in his own package, what's the loading sequence it will take?
      EJB loader will never watch on ear's class path?