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    Transaction time out

    Shaji Kakkodi Newbie

      I am using CMT and Stateless Session Bean. The problem I am facing is that when transaction times out, Jboss 4.0 rolls back the transaction but there is no way in the application to know that the transaction has been rolled back. Only indication is a Warning the server.log

      We migrated the application from Oracle 9ias. Oracle 9ias throws an exception in such scenarios, which gave us the ability to trap it.

      The application is a web-based application, has someone faced this problem?

      Thanks in advance

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          Shaji Kakkodi Newbie

          One problem we face with transaction timeout is that when it is increased application seem to hang on unix and linix installations

          Problem description

          We increased the transaction timeout to 1800(30 minutes) on the unix and linux installations. It is jsp-struts-ejb application The normal flow is, on page1 user clicks on a save button then action initiates the transaction and after the sunccesfull save user is taken to a success page.
          On unix and linx the application hangs on page1 indefinitly after the user clicks the save button but on windows the application goes though the transaction and displays the success page.

          Also on unix/linux if I close the browser after a while(enough for the transaction to go through) and check the database I see that the transaction was successfully completed.

          Any suggestion what could be wrong?