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    Jboss and Websphere problem !

    Stefano Gallina Newbie

      Hi all,

      i have to give my EJB developed with JBoss to a person who has to deploy them on WebSphere 6.0.
      Well, in my Session EJB i got a connection from a datasource; with JBoss i use the prefix : java:/[datasource name].
      On Websphere it seems that i have to use a different prefix to get a datasource.
      Does somebody know what is this prefix ?
      On Websphere the person gets an error about : datasource not found....of course the datasource name is the same defined on JBoss.
      Any suggestion ?


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          Jan Radl Newbie

          And what about to use resource reference

           * @ejb.resource-ref
           * res-ref-name = "jdbc/MyDataSource"
           * res-type = "javax.sql.DataSource"
           * res-auth = "Container"
           * res-sharing-scope = "Shareable"
           * @jboss.resource-ref
           * res-ref-name="jdbc/MyDataSource"
           * jndi-name = "${jboss.datasource.ie}"

          and for webSphere you have to add resource-ref specifig tag