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    Using "IDL String" with JBoss IIOP Service

    Jobst Essmeyer Newbie

      Hi all,

      we're using JBoss 4.0.1 and want to access an Stateless Session Bean from a C++ Client via Corba. In order to achieve this we use JBoss' IIOP service. No we have the following problem:

      The EJB method we want to access is as simple as:

      public class TestEJB implements SessionBean {
      String echo(String message {...}

      Because we need an IDL for the C++ client, we generate it via "rmic" the IDL for the echo-method looks like that:

      ::CORBA::WStringValue echo( in ::CORBA::WStringValue message);

      Because the C++ Client has problems with "wstrings" and the strings our strings only contain standard ASCII characters, we would like the interface to be based on "string" rather than "wstring". Does anyone one how we can achieve this?

      Thanks in advance

      Jobst Essmeyer