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    Announcement: Super 6.00 - a suite of J2EE tools. It is free

    Wei Jiang Newbie

      Acelet has released Super 6.00 with SuperDashboard which is a JMX client. It is a monitor and management tool managing your applications and your application servers through MBean. It allows you to do full operations on MBean visually, including:
      * View attributes of MBeans.
      * Set attributes of MBeans.
      * Call operations of MBean.
      * Construct new MBeans be calling constructors.
      * Set descriptor for Model MBeans.
      * Set field of Descriptor for Model MBean.
      * Export your selected data to SuperShcheduler and SuperWatchdog as tasks.
      * Export MBean's notification to SuperWatchdog as a trigger.
      No programming is required. Your keyboard is necessary if you want
      input values for poking.

      Please see details at http://www.acelet.com/super/

      Super: a suite of J2EE tools