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    When EJBs play Hide & Seek!

    Armenio Pinto Newbie

      Hi there!

      I'm experiencing a rather strange problem with JBoss 3.0.7 (ok, I know it's a really old version, but our production systems haven't been tested with the recent ones from the 3.0 brach).

      If an EJB isn't used for a certain period of time (about 30 minutes), I can't reference it anymore from JNDI! Now, if I "browse" the JNDI directory where the EJBs are (with InitialContext.list()), the first time they don't show up, but if I repeate the operation, they appear! And everything works fine! This only happens with the EJBs from a certain EAR... But I've double checked the deployment descriptors and everything seems to be fine.

      I've searched the foruns and wiki and haven't found anything relevant... Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks in advance,

      Arménio Pinto