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    JBoss class loader fails loaging a custom java.lang class

    fredatwork Newbie


      I created a custom class in the java.lang package. This class helps me to make the Object clone() method public instead of protected :

      package java.lang;
       * Clone util class
      public class CloneUtil {
       * Clone an object
       * @param source - the provided source object
       * @return cloned object
       * @throws CloneNotSupportedException
       public static Object clone(Object source) throws CloneNotSupportedException {
       return source == null ? source : source.clone();

      I packaged this class in a jar file and deployed it to JBoss.

      But JBoss fails to load this class, wherever it is.

      Why is this ? Is there a specific rule that JBoss observes regarding the java.lang package ?