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    SocketTimeoutException when trying to do a lookup on another

    Mark Ricard Newbie

      When running JBoss on the same computer I run my test program, I am able to successfully do a lookup on a session bean.

      When I move that project over to another computer running jboss, I am unable to do the lookup and always get a socket timeout exception.

      I am able to test jsp creation via the browser from my pc to that server, so I know that at least the web server part is running and the server's ip address is correct.

      I have not modified any of the jnp settings inside jboss configuration files so it still points at 1099.

      What would cause the lookup to be successful on my local machine when running JBoss and having it fail with a timeout when I move it to another machine? ALL of the ip's have been changed to point to the new server in the client call.