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    jboss4, EJB local interfaces, and multiple isolated EARs??


      Ok I don't know how to get around this issue:

      1. Entity beans are in an EAR and deployed correctly

      2. Session beans are in another EAR with a WAR for web requests

      3. EAR isolation is ON b/c we will be having multiple versions of the (session beans + web app) deployed

      4. Entity beans are not bundled into the EAR/web-app b/c they need to be global to a few apps deployed on jboss.

      How is it possible to have 2 EARs reference the same EJB/Entity/Locals?

      Is there a way to use the local interfaces across EARs without ClassCastExceptions getting thrown? Any workarounds aside from Remote?

      What does EAR-ISOLATION do when you have an single EAR and a standalone-JAR in the deploy folder in terms of the UCL? Is there a way that the standalone-JAR could pollute the (isolated)EAR classloader or vice versa?

      Is it allowable to put the entity beans in a standalone jar, deploy that jar, then reference those local/ejbs within the (isolated)EAR/web-app(s)?

      What would you do to support this problem on jboss4 ?

      Nate Johanson