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    Guenter Krannich Newbie

      when deploying my .ear file I get a "NoClassDefFoundError: BuchungDetailsBean"

      The BuchungDetailsBean is a JavaBean in a "office.war" file and is meant to be used in the session bean within a ejb-jar file. I already put a "class-path: Office.war" line in the ejb-jar's manifest.

      import gk.office.util.*;
      import java.rmi.RemoteException;
      import javax.ejb.*;

      public class BuchungControllerBean implements SessionBean {

      private BuchungHome buchungHome;

      public BuchungDetailsBean getBuchungDetails (String buchungId)
      throws RemoteException, FinderException
      Buchung buchung = (Buchung) buchungHome.findByPrimaryKey(buchungId);
      BuchungDetailsBean buchg = new BuchungDetailsBean();

      Any ideas ?