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    MDBs Calling Stateless Session Beans too soon

    Jason Vinson Newbie

      I have one MDB and 2 SLSB's in a ejb jar file that I am deploying to a live system.

      The MDB acquires the Home Interface of a SLSB in it's ejbCreate method. It uses this home interface in the onMessage section to get a new instance of the SLSB. This works great as long as there aren't messages waiting in the queue on a redeploy. When there are messages in the queue on a redeploy, I get a NullPointerException on accessing the Home Interface's create() method.

      The only thing i can think of there is that the SLSB isn't quite ready when called upon by this mdb. Is there any way to set this MDB or the Messaging provider up to only send when the full deploy is complete? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

      Thanks for any pointers,