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    How to deploy hibernate.har (4.0.0) into 4.0.2

    beyarecords Novice

      Does anybody know the answer to this question in Jboss land?!!

      Can anyone tell me how to deploy hibernate files in 4.0.2 if not via the hibernate.har structure?

      Why is there no documentation for this? I have checked the WIKI and read the hibernate2 to hibernate3 process required to make the code work, but there is no mention of how to deply the files!!

      Thinking that hibernate.har was still the flavour of the month, I simply copied it into my deploy directory, started up Jboss and watched the logs to see that hibernate was not being deployed.... HELP!!!

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          Amit Mujawar Newbie

          I am using JBoss 4.0.2 and I am able to deploy the Hibernate HAR files properly. The only issue which is seen in this version of JBoss is , the HAR can not be used as exploded directory .It does not work simply.
          So work around is to use the archive instead.
          If you are facing problems with even the archive format, then you need to check your hibernate service.xml and also the JAR versions.
          One more thing to note is you will have to add commons-lang.jar for JBoss4.0.2 + Hibernate applications. .Surprisingly , JBoss does not ship with this jar.
          You can get this jar with one of the hibernate sample applications.

          I hope this helps.