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    9.2.7 - Valid types for RMI/IIOP (inner interfaces?)

    Deepak Nadig Newbie

      When deploying EJBs to JBoss 3.2.7, I see the many warnings similar to the following, that causes the deployment to fail (no errors on other application servers)

      Method : public abstract DT getDT() throws RemoteException
      Section: 9.2.7
      Warning: The method return values in the remote interface must be of valid types
      for RMI/IIOP.

      DT is defined as follows

      public interface DT extends EJBObject, DTConstants
      // ... business methods ...

      interface DTIA
      static final String CONS1 = "foo";

      interface DTIAI
      static final String CONS2 = "bar";

      // couple of other interfaces similar to DTIA

      public interface DTConstants
      String CONSA = "a";

      // ... many other constants

      String[] consArray = {"A", "B", "C", "D"};

      int[] consArray2 = new int[] {0, 1, 2};

      Are the errors due to the inner interface definitions? Would like to check before trying it out as it impacts a lot of code. Any suggestions are appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,