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    JInspired Releases JBoss Distributed Trace and Apache Ant Bu

    William Louth Newbie

      JInspired (http://www.jinspired.com) has today released JXInsight / JDBInsight 3.2.1 which includes JBoss Distributed Trace and Apache Ant Build Trace Extensions

      Downloads are freely available from:

      The JBoss distributed trace extension is based on the JBoss pluggable container and client proxy interceptor framework. The trace extension supports the tracing of all EJB (session, entity, and message driven beans) method invocations within in the container or remote clients. The extension can trace calls across JVMs.

      Additional information on the JBoss extension and its configuration is available from:

      The Apache Ant trace extension can trace and profile the execution of project, targets, and tasks recording clock time, cpu time, object allocation, thread monitor blocking and waiting as well as GC time.


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