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    muliple db's accessed by 1 application server

    Paul S Newbie

      We've developed our own application session server functionality, (with our own proprietry data access layer) to process user requests; and based on their user details, direct the request to that users appropriate database to either retrieve or update data. We've hundreds of clients, therefore hundreds of databases (MS SQL Server), 1 per customer. All requests are driven by the 1 application server - which comprises the web server (JRUN) and a session server - our own implementation.

      We're now about to start evaluating other application servers on the market - mainly JBoss, with a view to use CMP. My problem is how could we configure or manage multiple databases with JBoss. For example, would JBoss know how to differentiate between a 'client' object with a primary key of '1' from one database and the same 'client' object type from a different database with a primary key of '1'? How would JBoss handle this?

      The option to incorporate all databases into one 'mother of all databases' is not an option.

      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.