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    Is it possible to load my MDB ejb-jars in separate classload

    bruno haleblian Newbie

      My goal is :
      Separate instances of the same MDB are deployed in separate ejb-jars. Each one is configured to pick message from it's own queue.

      What I've done (looks wrong) :
      They are distinct named jar, different JNDI name, different queue names in DDs and so on.

      My trouble is :
      After starting JBoss, the MDB which picks correctly the first message will then pick messages on ALL queues, which is higly unattended.
      I use predefined Queues/B and /C for now.

      My question :
      Is there an alternate ejb-jar classloading scheme or do I have to package them in separate EAR?
      AND set true insome ear conf?