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    Concurrent Stateful calls....

    iwadasn Newbie

      Some appservers (websphere and weblogic, if I remember correctly) have a switch to allow concurrent (blocking) calls to stateful session beans under EJB 2.1. Is JBoss planning to enable something similar?

      We have a situation where we would like to accumulate up a space of data that can be accessed remotely or locally, and intelligently clusters. We would use Entity Beans, but we don't need them to be stored. If the system goes down, we're fine starting from scratch (the data is very time sensitive). This data is updated A LOT, so it might cause significant problems to use Entity Beans, as the DB load could be substantial.

      We would like to use Stateful Session beans to hold this temporary data, but we can't easily protect it from concurrent calls. It is fine if concurrent calls block, but we would need appserver support to allow that.

      Is there currently a way to enable this, or is there a planned roadmap for this functionality?