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    fully confused

    g king Newbie

      now i'm really lost.

      i have a web.war and an ejb.jar packaged in an ear. everything had been working great until the switch to the latest class loaders.

      i've been struggling with ClassCastException's and NoClassDefFoundError ever since.

      I understand that if there are two different classes found with the same name then the server's going to throw a CCE. But what I don't get is how to isolate the classes internally to alleviate the NCDFE????

      I have one object that uses a ValueObject and this object passes the ValueObject to an EJB. Well, when I deploy my application on JBoss using an out of the box setup on 4.0.2 I get the NoClassDefFoundError.

      I need to use the class in both the web arch and the ejb archive. Where am I going wrong.


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          Scott Stark Master

          With the latest class loading model the classes should not be in the war since the war wants to load classes from its deployment first, and this will conflict with the default call by reference optimization. A war in an ear does not need any classes already located in the ejb jars.

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            g king Newbie


            i just got it to work. and by the looks of it the structure really pays off.

            402 rocks. the jsp initial deployment rules for testing.

            thanks again