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    step-wise configuration of jboss

    chaman kumar Newbie

      Here I write whole process of starting & deploying. I first install
      jboss-3.2.2 in directory d:\jboss-3.2.2, then after set JAVA_HOME &
      jBOSS_HOME as envoirnmental variable. My working folder is d:\java.
      Now set path & classpath in d:\java\autoexec.bat.Path & classpath
      what's actually contain written in "why file doesn't deploy on jboss-3.2.2"
      subject. create java files in d:\java directory & xml file in d:\java\
      META-INF directory. Now make class file with command

      d:\java\ javac *.java

      & jar file with command

      jar -cvf greeter.jar *.class META-INF\*.xml

      copy greeter.jar file in default\deploy directory.Now start default server
      without any configuration modification. I am useing java 1.4.0_01 .

      Rest all information with error exit on "why file doesn't deploy on
      jboss-3.2.2" subject.

      Please sir see my all information & send the solution.