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    Getting ClassCast Exception to narrow Home interface try thi

    Fairoz Sharif Newbie

      Thread th = Thread.curreentThread();
      ClassLoader cloader = th.getContextClassLoader();
      InitialContext cont = new InitialContext();
      Object obj = cont.lookup("ejb\YourJNDI");
      Classloader ejb_cloader = obj.getClass().getClassLoader();
      YourLocalHome you = (YourLocalHome)obj;


      finally{ th.setContextClassLoader(cloader);}

      May be i have tried lot of things but , like , i cahnged jbosswebloder=false and islotaion for ear false, setting classloader for ears ... lots of problem ; but still i was getting problems ie. CLassCastException but this the way im Working now . May Be some would be having a better way to suggest. Thanks