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    Deployed MDB names changed from 3.2.6 to 3.2.7. Problem mark

    fpa1974 Newbie

      The problem I am experiencing is related to the fact that the name of the deployed MDB (the MBean name wrapping it) seemed to have changed from something like:


      in 3.2.6 to something like:


      in 3.2.7.

      The problem with this is that I used to have an MBean that had a depends statement in order to make sure the MDB gets deployed before the MBean. As it can be seen above this can be easily done in 3.2.6 but in 3.2.7 with the addtion of the '@8158597' string to the MDB name the solution I had is obviously not working especially since the number above changes for each server restart.

      Any suggestions on how this can be achieved in 3.2.7 would be appreciated.